CAT BOARDING at Bytown Cat Hospital
422 McArthur Ave.
Ottawa, Ontario K1K 1G6
Phone: (613) 741-2460
One of our assistants spends time with a boarding kitty.Smaller boarding kennels are best suited for short stays, young cats, or cats with mobility problems.Many of our boarders have special needs, such as daily medication.These multi-level boarding units offer a view of our waiting area and the street outside.
What we provide:
A high quality canned and dry diet is provided, as well as bedding, food and water dishes, litter box and litter. We have a variety of toys for playful cats.

What you need to bring:
Please bring any special diets or medications your cat requires, as well as your cat's complete medical record. Toys and blankets from home are also welcome.
We have a variety of boarding kennels in different sizes. Some are suitable for single cats, others for multi-cat families.

The boarding experience:
We tailor every cat's experience to ensure they are as comfortable and stress-free as possible Quite, shy cats are given places to hide, and social cats are given lots of attention from our staff.
Cats must be current with vaccinations and must have had a wellness examination within at least the past year.

Medical issues:
We can accommodate cats with stable chronic illnesses as well as those on medications. We monitor appetite, body weight, water intake, litter box habits and behaviour. We have a veterinarian on-site during clinic hours, and on-call during off-hours.