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CATegorical Care is a guide to cat health and welfare from the Catalyst Council and American Humane Assoc.
The Felix Cat Personality Report from the Feline Advisory Bureau is fascinating reading.
The Cornell Feline Health Center features informative videos to help you with:
The Friends for Life handbook helps our senior cats grow old with grace and dignity.
Wellness examinations, at least once a year, are very important - this video explains why.
Indoor living is the safest option for cats - here's how to create a healthy, enriched environment.
Fat cat? Here's why weight reduction is important and how to accomplish it.
How would you feel if you didn't brush your teeth for years? Here's the facts on feline dental care.
Diabetes is a common & serious feline disease - here's how to help your diabetic cat.
Have a new kitten? Here's how to start off on the right paw.
Subcutaneous fluid therapy is helpful for cats with kidney disease - here's how to do it.
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