Bytown Cat Hospital
422 McArthur Ave.
Ottawa, Ontario K1K 1G6
Phone: (613) 741-2460
Merivale Cat Hospital
1038 Merivale Rd.
Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 6A7
Phone: (613) 722-0251
Chantal provides some attention to one of our boarders.Alley (2000-2012)Amiel - our junior resident cat.Our waiting area is for cats only - no dogs allowed!Our consultation rooms are equipped with scales, computerized medical records, x-ray viewer, and other equipment.The diplomas and certificates of our veterinarians are displayed in our consultation rooms. Artwork featuring cats is found on many of the walls in our hospital.Our surgical suite is equipped with equipment to administer and monitor anesthesia. We also have the ability to take dental x-rays.Other equipment in our surgical room includes a blood pressure monitor, x-ray viewer, autoclave, and our gastrointestinal endoscope.Our on-site laboratory gives us the ability to perform many common blood and urine tests the same day that a patient is examined.Laboratory equipment includes a centrifuge for blood and urine samples, and an analyzer for blood electrolytes.Our dentistry suite allows us to take x-rays and do most necessary dental procedures for cats.In our reception area, we carry a wide variety of cat foods including therapeutic diets.We carry cat toys, carriers, and supplies - on display in our reception area.
Waiting and reception areaWaiting and reception areaZanzibar, our resident cat, in her bed.The examination roomOur surgery suite is equipped with the necessary anesthesia and monitoring machines.The treatment area and dental care area.Hospital ward room with caging for hospitalized patients.Zanzibar on duty at the reception desk.